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We understand that everyone has different Child Care needs, and as such we are happy to offer flexible sessions.

Our sessions are split into 3 hour blocks as follows:

Children are welcome to come to single sessions, multiple sessions, mornings, afternoons or both. We have no minimum session requirements, and both 2 , 3 and 4 year funding options are available.

What We Do

All our sessions are split into a mix of adult-led and self-initiated activities, all designed to help your little one learn and grow at a pace to suit them.

Each day there are a variety of toys available for your child to chose from, set up at different stations around the room. We change the toys and setup daily to keep little minds engaged and interested.

Some of the different things we do are:

  • Drawing

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Play dough (including making our own)

  • Building with bricks

  • Technology play

  • Simple food preparation (such as making bread dough)

  • Reading and story time

We also have a small outside area where the children have access to a number of outdoor toys such as:

  • Sand pit

  • Water tables

  • Cars, trikes and scooters

  • Mud kitchen

  • Play house

We also encourage the children to help us maintain our small flower garden, helping them to learn about how things grow.

We are fortunate to have a small pond within easy walking distance of the pre-school, and the children enjoy seeing the ducks, geese and other pond life, learning about the life cycle of the animals that live there - we've even had frogs hop into our garden!


  • Self Registration

  • Free Play

  • Small Group Time

  • Lunch

  • Free Play

  • Story Time

  • Home Time

A Typical Day


  • Self Registration

  • Free Play

  • Small Group Time

  • Free Play

  • Snack Bar

  • Free Play

  • Story Time

  • Home (if not staying a full day)

Healthy Food Policy

We believe that a balanced diet is essential for the maintenance and protection of your child's health and that developing a healthy diet and good eating habits early in life will lay the foundations for future health.

We ask that children coming in for the morning sessions bring with them a piece of fruit or other healthy snack to share. Our morning snack bar tends to be a mix of fruit, toast, cereals and other healthy snacks. We also provide a choice of water or milk for your child to drink.

We also ask that children coming to our afternoon sessions come with a healthy packed lunch, and that parents and carers do not include sweets or chocolate in their lunch boxes. Please also note that, because of possible allergies in the pre-school, no nuts (including peanut butter) should be included with your child's lunch or healthy snack.

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